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Why Justplay?
Around the world, 70% of youth sport is managed and administrated by volunteers. Most of these volunteers do not have sport management, behaviour management, or business management expertise, let alone the time or financial resources required to be as effective as they would like. Justplay bridges the gap between research and application. It provides the youth sport administrator with the ability to make data-driven decisions. It helps to reduce the administrative burden of associations forced to deal with incidents regarding problem behaviour that are generally anecdotal in nature. The Justplay program can even predict the potential for high-risk situations, allowing associations to be pre-emptive.

It seems as if we may have reached a critical mass in regards to the atmosphere of violence, harassment and abuse that permeates youth sport. People are ready for action and change. The original goals of organized youth sport were based on virtues of sportsmanship, fun, and friendship. Even Baron de Coubertin, the father of the modern Olympics, emphasized participation and good citizenship. In order to re-establish these principles and develop generations of youth devoted to the benefits of sport, we must revolutionize the way we administer and manage youth sports. In order to do this effectively we have to establish environments of accountability, education and reform. To do this, we need programs like Justplay.

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